New MH370 search claim dismissed

May 21, 2021
MH370, (the B777) on an earlier visit to Perth Airport. Credit: Tsen Tsan

Claims that there is a new search underway by DSSV Pressure Drop for MH370 have been dismissed.

The claims made by @mikechillit suggest that the Pressure Drop is currently searching an area – Zenith Plateau – that he believes that MH370’s wreckage lies.

Zenith Plateau is a large bathymetric high in the Indian Ocean, located about 450 kilometers west-northwest of the Wallaby Plateau, and 1,700 kilometers northwest of Perth, Western Australia.

ZP is Zenith Plateau. Broken Ridge is where most experts agree is the resting place of MH370.

However, one of the leading MH370 search experts Richard Godfrey has told that he has “it on good authority from the Expedition Leader of the DSSV Pressure Drop that they have no plans in regards to MH370.”

“They have always believed that a cost-effective, efficient and successful search would require a broad swath (towed array) side-scan sonar with an experienced team. Hindsight appears to validate that view,” said Mr. Godfrey.

“If the wreckage were found below 6000m then we could certainly provide a service that no ROV could.”

Most analysis work, either satellite, drift, or the new revolutionary WSPR has MH370 approximately 1800k due west of Perth not northwest of the capital city.

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Mr. Chillit has been contacted for comment but had tweeted: “no one sends this vessel and crew out to do geologic work that can be undertaken by ordinary surface vessels. I am so pleased that Malaysia acted immediately!”

The Pressure Drop left Dampier on May 9 and is due in Fremantle on June 2 – but that trip would normally take just a few days – not three weeks.

Mr. Chillitt has tweeted that the Malaysian Government is involved. “Malaysia had to approve it; had to work out a reimbursement agreement, and is almost certainly in complete control. The is not an expedition by profiteers. Malaysia appears to be handling this very professionally,” Mr. Chillit claimed.

The Pressure Drop is owned by Victor Vescovo a Texan private equity investor. Mr. Vescovo spent 20 years as an intelligence officer with the US Navy Reserve and has a passion for deep-sea searchers.

Pressure Drop is a 68.3 meter former US Navy ship built for serious oceanographic work. It can sleep 47.