Moon rise and northern lights from 747 cockpit

September 20, 2021

Boeing 747 pilot Christiaan van Heijst has taken a stunning image of the northern lights and moonrise from his cockpit.

Christiaan takes up the story.

“The long way home.

“A lone settlement in the cold Northwest Territories of Canada passes by below, an elegant ribbon of northern lights to the north and a bright moon-rise over the horizon, to top it off. Magical.

“At times I can still barely believe I’m making a living while sitting in this office with a view. Even after eighteen years of flying professionally, I’m taken away by the natural spectacles that are unfolding outside my windows all the time.

“Magnificent views over stunning landscapes of clouds, breathtaking shows of dancing aurora borealis, silver moonlit nights and the sheer joy of flying the most iconic aeroplane ever built. And always with my camera in reach.

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“Some people tell me I’m lucky, but I respectfully disagree. Privileged to be in this position, for sure, but not lucky. Nobody was born with a 747 -rating in their license and I certainly did not get it for free either.

“And that’s exactly how it should be. Hard work, determination, setting lofty goals, and going even beyond.

“There are footsteps on the moon; don’t let anyone tell you something can’t be done.”

Christiaan is one of the world’s leading aviation photographers and more of his work and more close encounter (s) can be found here.

You can follow Christiaan on Instagram here: @jpcvanheijst