June 29, 2022

The next of kin of those lost in the tragic disappearance of MH370 has pleaded with Malaysia to show commitment to finding the missing Boeing 777.

The following was posted on FB by one of the next of kin and this reflects the sentiment of many. For privacy, we have omitted the name of the NOK.

“I have said this many times: The Govt of Malaysia has for many years shown little commitment to search for MH370. It has for all intents and purposes abandoned even a pretence of sincerity in the search and investigation, frequently taking cover behind its ask for ‘credible new evidence’ of the plane’s location, and invoking an obligation to consult with China and Australia governed by the past agreement.

“The Govt of Malaysia should clarify:

A. What has it done since 2017 to find ‘credible new evidence?

B. Who bears the responsibility to find the evidence to resume the search, if not itself?

C. What are its principal objections to a ‘no find, no fee’ open offer to international organizations with proven credentials in marine search operations?

D. Are China and Australia committed to finding MH370? What are their reservations/objections if any? Is consultation a diplomatic courtesy or a requirement? If a requirement, is such tripartite consultation, valid in perpetuity?

E. As the flag State, does it still see itself as the lead in the search and investigation with responsibility towards a range of domestic and international stakeholders – families, regulators, civilian passengers, airlines, etc.?

F. Under International law and Conventions, when does it cease to have responsibility/obligations for all things MH370? The one thing that, after all these years since MH370 vanished, still gets me riled up is when confronted by the cold truth that governments can just slam the door shut, wait out the passage of time and events, usher the new to crowd out the old, and let anger and fury hang suspended. Maybe it becomes easier when expectations are extinguished.

“I think one key point that needs to be asked is since Malaysia is always using the term credible new evidence…. are they actually expecting it to fall from the sky or some random guy out there is going to produce it for them?

“Are they not missing the point that it is actually their very own responsibility to find this evidence? What have they done in finding any evidence whatsoever?

“Is there any one thing that Malaysia has done that can help find the plane? If they had any brains, they should just accept what the good Samaritans out there have done for Malaysia… including the no-brainer offer from OI (Ocean Infinity) to do the No Cure No Fee offer.”