MH370 location analysis gets expert high level and families support

December 12, 2021

The former head of Google Engineering Alan Eustace has praised Richard Godfrey’s breakthrough tracking of MH370 as an inspiration.

“The greatest mystery of our time is solved by ingenious engineering and incredibly hard work.  What an inspiration!” Mr. Eustace wrote on Mr. Godfrey’s MH370 blog.

Mr. Eustace (below) said: “I’m proud to be included on your list of supporters. As far as the detractors go, I’m reminded of a quote that is often attributed to Amelia Earhart:

“Never interrupt someone doing something you said couldn’t be done.”

Full details of the debate can be read on Mr. Godfrey’s blog

Support has also been received from Dr. Hannes Coetzee who holds a master’s degree in physics from Rhodes University and a Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering from the University of Pretoria.

Dr. Coetzee said: “In my opinion, the information that you’ve provided confirms the scientific principles of your approach and must help to convince the authorities to resume the search in the area that you’ve indicated.”

Earlier this month top German engineer Dr. Robert Westphal, who first put forward the idea of using WSPRnet to track MH370 added his support to Richard Godfrey’s location research.

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In a post to Mr. Godfrey’s MH370 blog, Dr. Westphal who is a radio amateur and expert on WSPRnet published a simple challenge and test to those not yet convinced of the technology.

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Dr. Westphal (above) is the Doctor of Engineering – Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Technology at the Technical University Darmstadt, Germany. He is also a member of the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC)

Ms. Grace Nathan and Mr. V. P. R. Nathan for the “Families and Friends of MH370 Passengers and Crew” said:

“Just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work, we truly hope this is the break that we have all been waiting for.”

“I’m very pleased to read your developments and equally pleased to hear how well your findings are being received. Looking forward to all the possibilities this has opened!”

“Leave the detractors be. History is full of them!!!”

“Do your part to the best of your ability and be confident of the outcome.”

Blaine Gibson (below) – Wreckhunter, and finder of over 50 percent of the 33 MH370 floating debris items said: “Great work! Your suggested crash location and search recommendation fit within the drift analysis that led me to half the recovered pieces of the plane.”