Jewel Changi opens new attractions for passengers

June 11, 2019
Changi's rain vortex. Image: Changi Airport.

Play in the clouds, bounce high in the air or work your way through a maze — the latest stage of the impressive Jewel Changi Airport development has come on stream with the official opening of the 14,000 square-metre Canopy Park.

Home to more than 1400 trees and palms, Canopy Park adds seven attractions and gardens to the unique airport development, which opened its doors in mid-April and is connected to terminals one to three.

The landside Jewel complex already features the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, as well as shopping, dining and accommodation.

The new attractions in Canopy Park include four garden-based “Discovery Slides”, a 6.5m high viewing platform, a Petal garden of seasonal floral displays and a Topiary Walk that includes crocodile, elephant and peacock animal sculptures.

Foggy Bowls are four concave play areas that use science and natural phenomena to create an enveloping fog to allow kids to imagine they’re playing in the clouds.

“The attractions and gardens on Canopy Park are designed for visitors to relax or have a fun time with their families and friends, whether they reside in Singapore or are international travelers visiting Jewel,” Jewel Changi Airport chief executive Hung Jean said.

“When Canopy Park was conceptualized, we envisaged a green natural environment with play and leisure activities for people of all ages.

“Importantly, we wanted to create a space where activities that are traditionally conducted outdoors, are brought to an indoor environment so that they can be enjoyed under all weather conditions.”

The canopy bridge.

Ticketed attractions include Singapore’s biggest indoor hedge maze and the world’s first mirror maze within a lush garden setting.

The mirror maze includes a fully-immersive chamber with mirrors above and below.

Manulife Sky Nets offers a choice between two world-first indoor concepts.

The first is A walking net that straddles a five-story (25m) void looking down at the development’s first level.

“The taut web of nets creates an indescribable sensation of lightness, similar to walking on air,’’ according to Canopy Park officials.

The second is a bouncing net that allows more energetic visitors to bounce their way along a 250-metre net.

Get lost in a maze.

Alternatively, they can perch on an 8m-high lookout and take in the view or stroll across the 50-metre long Canopy Bridge suspended 23 metres above the ground and featuring glass panel floors to better take in the HSBC  Rain Vortex and Shisheido Forest Valley.

Passengers can access to the attractions through The entrance fee for canopy Park is $S5 and the attractions cost between $S8 and $S22.

Also new is the Changi Experience Studio which allows visitors to immerse themselves in the airport’s virtual life.

The 90-minute experience allows visitors to experience more than 20 touch points and 10 content zones telling a different slice of the airport’s story.