Ryanair To Order Up to 150 737 MAX 10s

May 09, 2023
Image: Ryanair.

Various news media are reporting that low-cost giant Ryanair is set to order 100 737 MAX 10s and take options on another 50.

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Over a year ago negotiations were broken off with Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary lashing Boeing over delayed deliveries of the 737 MAX.

In an extraordinary and sometimes heated investor earnings call Mr O’Leary said the delays had forced the airline to pull back its critical summer schedules.

At the time, according to CNN, Mr O’Leary said: “At the moment we think Boeing management is running around like headless chickens, not able to sell aircraft, and then even the aircraft they deliver, they’re not able to deliver them on time.”  

Mr O’Leary is quoted in Business Insider as saying: Boeing staff need a “reboot, or a boot up the a–,” and accused the sales team of “sitting at home in their f—ing jimjams working from home instead of being out there selling planes to customers.”

“We’re a willing customer, but we’re struggling with slow deliveries and an inability to do a deal on new aircraft despite the number of whitetails they have sitting on the f—ing ground in Seattle,” he said.

At the time there were a large number of whitetails (unsold) 737 MAX aircraft available but apparently, Boeing couldn’t get its act together to help Ryanair.

“There’s growth there to be won,” but Mr O’Leary said in order to do that, Boeing would need to “get their s— together.”

The other issue is that Mr O’Leary told Fortune that Boeing’s pricing was “delusional.”

One year on it appears the war of words is over and an order is ready for take-off.