China Airlines Adds More Boeing 787s

May 11, 2023
China Airlines

Taiwan-based China Airlines will exercise options to purchase eight Boeing 787-9s to be delivered from 2026 onwards.

The airline says the new aircraft will be assigned to regional, Oceania and long-haul routes to meet burgeoning passenger demand in the post-COVID era.

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China Airlines had previously decided on the purchase of 16 Boeing 787-9 passenger aircraft fitted with the General Electric GEnx engine in August 2022 with deliveries to commence in 2025. The firm ordered eight additional aircraft, bringing the total size of the 787 fleet to 24 aircraft all to be delivered by 2028. There is also the option to convert to the higher capacity 787-10 model.

China Airlines has already introduced new fleets of the 777-300ER, A350-900 and A321neo as part of an aggressive fleet revitalization program aimed at improving operational efficiency and passenger service.

The China Airlines 787-9 passenger aircraft will be configured for three cabin classes – Premium Business, Premium Economy, and Economy. was developed to provide everyone in the world with a one-stop shop for everything related to airlines, formed by a team of aviation editors, who have forensically researched nearly every airline in the world.

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