Emirates A380 pummelled by hail on landing

November 13, 2018
Emirates A380

An Emirates A380, flight EK39 to Birmingham has been pummelled by a hail storm as it landed from Dubai.

But the superjumbo took all that in its stride as captured in the latest video from flugsnug on Youtube. 

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“I could see, horizon-to-horizon, the black sky as the Emirates monster turned onto finals, so knew there was a downpour coming. But it was only after a minute or so of rain that I realized I was now being pummelled into the ground by hail,” said Flugsug.

He adds: “Check the “halo” of hailstones bouncing off the fuselage before and after touchdown!


  1. A comment from ‘The Armchair”. A CB that carries that amount amount of Hail / Water would Paint a seriously Red Return and should be Avoided at All Costs. A TS that returns this sort WX on a Radar, would have a High Probability of possible Microbursts and Windshear. Damage to the Aircraft Structure and Changing Cross Wind Components on Touch Down are also associated with Servere CBs. I would choice not to fly with any Carrier whose Pilots are prepared to Risk an Approach in these Conditions. Was it a ‘commercial’ Decision to continue or was the Radar Return Intencity Outer Knob on the ND not correctly selected.