Boeing, a fantastic engineering company, will fix MAX says Qantas boss

October 13, 2019
Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce Photo: Qantas

Qantas boss Alan Joyce says Boeing is a fantastic engineering company and will fix the 737 MAX that has been grounded for months after two fatal crashes that killed 346 passengers and crew.

In an interview with The Irish Times, Mr Joyce said: “I think Boeing is a fantastic engineering company, they will fix this issue.”

Next year Qantas will have a competition between Boeing and Airbus to replace the airline’s 75 737NGs.

Qantas is also currently evaluating the Boeing 777X and A350-1000 for its Project Sunrise for an aircraft to carry 300 passengers from New York to Sydney non-stop. A decision is expected by Christmas with Airbus considered the front runner.

“We’re working on the price of the aircraft and the performance of the aircraft and we’re nearly there,” he told the Irish Times.

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According to insiders Airbus can deliver earlier and its A350-1000 is lighter than the Boeing offering.

However, Boeing has made Qantas an offer “it can’t refuse” according to Joyce. However, details are scant.

Boeing is offering its 777-8X which will seat 350 passengers and fly 17,220km but the program is delayed pushing delivery of the -8 out to 2023 at best.

It is suggested from sources in the US that Boeing is to offer Qantas its larger 777X-9 for delivery in 2021 to launch its Project Sunrise non-stop flights from New York and London to Sydney as an interim solution.

The US manufacturer will compensate Qantas for operating the larger 777X-9 with reduced payload to meet the range mission with just below 300 passengers.