Aussies air travelers are loo climbers and reluctant recliners

April 30, 2018
Passengers climb over people to get to the loo
Passengers prefer to climb over people to get to the loo

Will they climb over you to get to the loo?

Toilet and seat recline etiquette are conflicting Australian air travelers, according to a new passenger survey.

The Expedia, 2018 Airplane Etiquette survey reveals that passengers are stuck in quandary about how to get to the toilet if in a window seat or aisle seat and also confused about the rules of when and when not to recline their seat.

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Expedia’s report has reinforced the importance of seat allocation for Australian travelers with 98 percent opting for an aisle or window seat.

The survey found that the majority of Australian air travelers chicken out of waking up their fellow passenger to get to the aisle to go to the toilet, opting for a few risky maneuvers.

Only 31 percent would wake up another passenger with 44 percent opting to climb over the passenger and 25 percent hoping the person in the aisle seat will wake up.

Another major dilemma that many face is what is the best time to recline their seat.

Again, the survey found that Australian air travelers are divided on what to do with 40 percent stating you should only recline your seat for flights over 3 hours.

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In fact, 20 percent travelers say it’s rude to recline your seat.

The survey found that 47 percent will only recline their seat if they’re going to sleep, 20 percent only after the meal service has taken place.

However, 17 percent said they recline their seat as soon as the seatbelt sign goes off after take-off.

To make the journey more pleasant Expedia suggests that air travelers should introduce themselves before the flight and establish some ground rules, such as if to wake someone up.

In the survey respondents also revealed the most annoying and offensive airport and plane behaviors with the seat grabber taking the number one spot annoying close to 60 percent of Australians.

Another annoying type is the inattentive parent, who do not look after their children, with 45 percent of respondents listing it as a major gripe.

Poor hygiene and the passenger who gets too close or falls asleep on or near you on the flight are also major issues for travelers.