Another Trashing Of Netflix’s MH370 Series

March 21, 2023

Collider, an entertainment industry review website, has trashed Netflix’s MH370 series saying it “does more harm than good.”

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In a hard-hitting and excellent editorial, it says: “The problem is that it’s a documentary offering far too little in the form of actual documentation and far too much in the form of wild speculation, conspiracy theories, and ill-conceived sensationalism. Ultimately, it does a disheartening disservice to the documentary form, and more importantly, to the anguished loved ones of MH370’s passengers who desperately seek closure.”

The article examines in detail each episode and adds: “Each episode takes the limited concrete information from that fateful night and uses it to present three different theories about what may have happened to the aircraft. Suffice it to say, with each episode, the hypotheses get more outlandish and unbelievable, with scant data and verifiable material to back them up.” 

The piece concludes with this statement: “The true dereliction of MH370‘s documentary duties is the disrespect it shows for the flight’s families, friends, and colleagues, and for the souls of the passengers themselves. Rather than examining the clear facts of the case and pursuing the most logical explanations in order to help close the book and let those so regrettably impacted find some degree of peace, the series merely stirs up a tasteless stew of suspicion, supposition, and assumption. It reaches no strong conclusions, nor even attempts to make the case for the most rational interpretations of the facts and data. This undoubtedly makes the emotional wounds of those impacted by the flight’s disappearance even more painful, a startling display of apathy and an unconscionable lack of awareness on the part of the filmmakers. MH370: The Plane That Disappeared could have — and should have — done better.”

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