10 Top Stories for 2019

December 22, 2019
Photo: Jetstar, the world’s only safety and product rating has revealed its Top Ten stories for 2019.

While the grounding of the 737 MAX was the single biggest story of the year and the AR  editors covered the tragic crashes and subsequent grounding extensively individual stories didn’t attract the most readers. Read our coverage here.

Our readers loved A380, 777X and Emirates stories.

So the Top Ten stories for 2019 for our readers are:

  1. The serious incident report into a Jetstar A320 crew failing to lower the aircraft’s undercarriage. Click Here.


2. Emirates’ President Tim Clarke defending the A380 and blaming airlines misuse of it for the aircraft’s demise.  Click Here. 

Emirates Clark A380

3. Malaysia confirms new debris from MH370. Wreck hunter Blaine Gibson’s latest debris find. Click here.


4. Emirates 777X struts its stuff. This story covered the first pictures of the Emirates Boeing 777X. Click Here.


5. Air France CEO slams obsolete, problem prone A380. Although passngrs just love the A380 a number of airlines have had problems with the super jumbo. Click Here.

A380 Air France

6. Investigators call for clearer instructions after AirAsia chaos. The story covered a depressurization incident where the flight attendants used the wrong instructions. Click here.

AirAsia indonesia ATSB

7. Vietnam Airlines crew fails to lower undercarriage. Another pilot oversight this time on a 787 operating into Melbourne, Australia. Click Here

8. Emirates opts for Premium Economy. This story revealed that Emirates was finally opting for Premium Economy seating. Click here.


9. Airbus does not regret A380 decision. This story was in response to Emirates criticism of closing down the A380 line.

airbus A380

10. Why the A380 failed. This story covered comments by Qatar Airways CEO His Excellency Akbar Al Baker on the A380.

Al Baker