AN-225 destroyed by Russian forces at Gostomel

February 28, 2022
Credit Vortex#1949

Photographic evidence from a satellite has emerged that confirms reports that the world’s favorite aircraft, the AN-225, has been destroyed as part of the ruthless and unprovoked invasion by Russian forces into Ukraine.

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The ANTONOV Company had tweeted on February 26 that “We don’t have accurate information about #AN225 Mriya. Now in Gostomel (it is the region where airfield base @AntonovAirlines) still fighting continues. According to the latest information (24.02.2022) the plane was intact.

However, the photo montage above confirms its destruction and that has been verified by the Ukraine Government in a tweet.

Wherever she flies the six-engine AN-225 draws tens of thousands of admirers.

When the AN225 visited Perth Australia in 2016 over 35,000 people turned out to see the giant.

Aeronews published a dramatic video of the giant AN-225 landing in fog at Rzeszow in Poland last month.

The video was taken by Maciej Skop.

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In 2019 the An225’s smaller sister the AN-124 performed a spectacular take-off from Adelaide Airport in very strong crosswinds.

As the AN124, lifts off you can see the wind from the west push the aircraft off the centreline before the pilot kicks in rudder to counter the impact and get the aircraft back on track.

Video credit: ssesprit

The airline was established in 1989 and has a fleet of 13 cargo aircraft including the AN225, the world’s largest aircraft.

The AN225 “Mriya” – was designed and built-in Ukraine and was operated by Kyiv-based Antonov Airlines.




  1. Such a sad moment to hear that the great AN225 has been destroyed by the Russians. Nothing is sacred in this world, and a true icon has now gone. VERY SAD DAY.