Friday, September 20, 2019
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    Product Rating 5/7

    Rating Criteria

    Economy Class

    • Complimentary meals and beverages
    • 31 inch seat pitch with recline
    • Shared screens throughout the cabin on short haul routes or personal seat back screens on longer flights
    • Blankets and pillows available

    Business Class

    • Superior meal and beverage selection
    • Seat pitch and extra seat recline
    • Shared screens throughout the cabin
    • Blankets and pillows provided
    • Generous baggage allowance
    • The company was established in 1995 as Deer Jet Airlines
    • Deer Jet Airlines was divided into two companies on May 4, 2010. While the charter operation has kept the Deer Jet branding, scheduled operations uwere renamed Capital Airlines
    • Capital Airlines is a subsidiary of Hainan Airlines and based in Beijing
    • A320
    • A330-200
    • A319
    • A330-300

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