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    from United States - May 7, 2019

    Flew Economy Class

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    Avior is THE WORST!! DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY! I booked 3 international flights and made one letter mistake on one name for a child. I have tried for 3 weeks and over 20 phone calls to attempt to fix it. Avior outright refuses to! They only offered to refund the one ticket, effectively separating a mother and child for an international flight. The home country will not allow this and I stand to lose over $2000 in airfare due to the Avior airlines complete incompetency. I speak Spanish fluently, and even sent my sister in law to their office in Maracay, Venezuela to attempt to reach a solution…..and crickets. Avior airlines are swindlers. They are crooks. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY.

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