The viral video hits Delta did not want

by Steve Creedy - editor
December 16, 2016

 As airlines actively plug their safety videos in an attempt to make them go viral, a series of videos filmed on Delta Air Lines aircraft have achieved that aim for all the wrong reasons.

The US carrier’s latest global “hit”,  a video of a woman being dragged off a plane in the US city of Detroit, comes hot on the heels of a film clip of a rant by a Donald Trump supporter that also went viral.

Lesser known, but also a contender for the Delta global rogues' gallery, is a third video of a woman being dragged off a plane in the US city of Atlanta, Georgia, in July.

In the latest video, the woman was filmed being dragged off a  Delta Air Lines plane at Detroit Metropolitan Airport by police on Monday.

Find the Detroit video here.

Authorities have said the woman did not follow boarding and baggage check procedures and there have been reports she was upset there was no overhead locker space in the San Diego-bound jet.

The video shows police officers dragging the limp woman through the plane along the aisle as passengers watched and, in some cases, laughed. An inflight announcement can be heard in the background.

The incident comes after Delta last month warned of "heightened tensions" in US society as it banned a passenger who launched a pro-Donald Trump rant on one of its domestic flights.

The man shouted pro-Donald Trump and anti-Hillary Clinton comments on a flight to Allentown, in Pennsylvania, and video of the rant showed other passengers looking uncomfortable as he shouted: “Donald Trump, baby! That’s right, this man knows what’s up. We got some Hillary bitches on here?”

Watch the Trump rant here.

The earlier incident happened in Atlanta, Georgia, in July when a young, allegedly drunk woman was also dragged through the cabin by police.
However, 22-year-old Chandler Black did not go quietly and was dragged from the plane hurling abuse and struggling.

Police later charged Black with obstruction, public drunkenness and criminal trespass, according television station WSB-TV 2. AirlIneRatings has chosen to link to the television report rather than the original Youtube video because of the offensive language.

Watch the WSB_TV 2 report here.

As the year closes, Delta’ must be looking with envy at  Air New Zealand’s quirky “Summer Wonderland’’ Christmas song, which hit number one on the New Zealand iTunes chart to beat releases from stars such as Taylor Swift and Zayn, Clean Bandit and Adele.

Find the AirNZ video here