Tears, no cheers for last Qantas 747

July 23, 2020

There were tears no cheers for last Qantas 747 to depart Australia on Wednesday, July 22nd.

Across the wide parched land that is Australia, emotions were raw as Aussies said goodbye to a lady and dear friend who had perhaps brought some of us to a new life Downunder, or taken us to the world, or rescued us from disasters or maybe all three.

The Boeing 747 has always been there faithfully serving us and all told 77 have flown for Qantas over almost five decades.

Even thou her time has come and technology in the form of more fuel-efficient aircraft has caught up, it is still a wrench to say farewell.

Pilots, cabin crew, engineers, and passengers all loved her dearly.

Like her designer, Boeing’s Joseph Sutter, she was humble, faithful, honest, and had integrity in spades.

We will miss her and it will never be the same again as the 747 had something very special – she had spirit, the spirit of her designer.

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747 first flight
Joseph Sutter in 1969
Joe Sutter in later years.
The crew for the last flight.
The two captains are cheered on board

Qantas' last 747 jumbo jet flies out of Sydney for the final time

The first one flew here nearly 50 years ago, today the last Qantas jumbo flew out into a well-deserved retirement.Australian 747s carried over 250 million people, transforming our ability to fly long distance at a reasonable price.More: 7news.link/2ZMGxcc#Qantas #7NEWS

Posted by 7NEWS Sydney on Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Here is Sam Chui’s tribute.

Here is the final water cannon salute

Here is the farewell from Airservices Australia;

Here is the final 747 drawing the Flying Kangaroo in the sky.

Qantas taxied the 747 passed thousands of spectators for one final photo before backtracking to take-off.