Safest aircraft revealed

June 18, 2013, the world’s first airline safety and product rating website has found that the numerous aircraft can boast a perfect safety record. which rates 425 airlines for both safety and product has completed a comprehensive analysis of the crash records of 55 different aircraft in active service.

Editor Geoffrey Thomas said that had only looked at the records for the last ten years as they were relevant to today’s travelers.

“Aircraft such as the 777, A380, A340, 717 and 787 have never had a fatality,” said Mr Thomas

“We have used the Boeing database which is an industry standard and supplemented that with our own records and those of and Ascend,” he said. 

Statistics 2003-2012


Best safety record

Boeing 777                                0

Boeing 717                                0

Airbus A380                               0

Airbus A340                               0

Boeing 787                                0

Boeing 767/757                          0

Embraer 135/145                        0    

CRJ 700/1000                            0