Qantas’s ultimate frequent traveler App

January 01, 2019
Qantas App
Do not look at this at bedtime. Photo: Qantas.

Qantas has created what is the ultimate frequent traveler tool – a mobile phone app which seamlessly schedules a trip from start to finish.

The national carrier’s App goes far beyond the flight itself and even serves as a portal for activities during a holiday and the journey to and from the airport.

Using a “timeline”, the App schedules in every part of the journey, which eliminates the need for manual travel planners or messy calendars.

The experience starts with research for the flight itself.

Using location technology, the best deals departing the nearest airport can be scrolled through with ease and alerts can be set for a traveler’s favorite destination to snap up the cheapest fares.

The check-in tool allows travelers to use a few taps to select their preferred spot on the plane in advance from the seat map.

Travelers can then zip through the airport, while the App sends alerts, including boarding time, departure gate numbers and baggage carousel details at the destination.

It also saves travelers from the last-minute scramble at the departure gate, storing an electronic boarding pass in an easily-accessible place for simple scanning.

Those who want to go a step further can even add their trip to and from their airport into their timeline.

The digital Qantas Frequent Flyer card helps streamline check-in at domestic self-service kiosks and makes it easier for Gold Frequent Flyers and above and customers with Qantas Club membership to access domestic lounges on the day of travel. Members will still require their boarding pass to access international, oneworld® and partner lounges.

The airline has partnered with Uber allowing travelers to earn points for rides to and from eligible Australian airports.

Or those who prefer to hire a car can lock in their vehicle and charges before they arrive.

Hotels and insurances can be purchased without the need to leave the App.

Those who like to plan ahead can even use the App to scroll through and lock in activities which range from a bus ride in Bondi to a cooking class in Bangkok to a day trip to Machu Picchu.

The airline’s frequent flyers are set to get the most use of the App’s ability to keep track of points earned throughout their trip.

The Qantas App is available free to download at the App Store and Play Store for tablets, iPhones, Apple Watches or Androids.