Singapore Airlines Best First Class For 2023

by Airlineratings Editors
May 31, 2023
best first class airline
Singapore Airlines new A380 First Class

Singapore Airlines is once again a big winner in the 2023 Airline Excellence Awards, taking out Best First Class Airline award as well as being ranked 5th in the rating agency’s Top Twenty.

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There is little surprise that Singapore Airlines has won Best First Class again because it has always been a first-class airline.

Features of the Best First Class Airline for 2023

The airline has pioneered many innovations for all cabin classes but its First Class is a standout.

And now it has taken that product to a new level with its new “Skyroom” Suites on the A380.

The Skyroom is spectacular and each suite covers between 3.23 and 4 square meters of floor space with two-piece sliding doors operated manually, as opposed to electrically with other carriers, a source for prolonged malfunctions.

best first class airline

The main feature is a separate foldout flatbed measuring 76” by 27” (1.93m x 0.68m) which comes complete with mattress bedding, duvet, and pillows. The bedhead has a gas spring to keep the head up to watch a movie for example while lying down.

And for those who want to fly with a loved one, the dividers between two or even all three suites on one side of the aisle can come down, creating up to two double beds in the two forward Suites 1A/2A and 1F/2F.

Singapore Airlines Attains Number 5 Ranking

To be named in the top twenty-five, airlines must achieve a seven-star safety rating and demonstrate leadership in innovation for passenger comfort.

For the yearly ranking the editors of, some of the most experienced and awarded, look at an airline’s safety record as well as major international industry and government safety audits, and combine these with another 11 key criteria that include: fleet age, passenger review ratings, investment rating and key product offerings to arrive at a ranking.

This year Singapore Airlines is ranked 5th in the world along with their win as the best first-class airline.

Singapore Airlines is also named Best Long Haul Airline in South East Asia.

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