New UV machine, the GermFalcon, to sterilize aircraft

May 19, 2020

A new UV machine, the GermFalcon, is set to sterilize aircraft in the fight against COVID19.

The GermFalcon sanitizes all surfaces without any toxic after-effects claims its makers, Dimer LLC.

The big plus is the speed. While it takes about a minute to sanitize a single-seat using a chemical disinfectant the GermFalcon can treat 54 seats in the same time.

In practical terms, it can take more than two hours to apply a multi-step chemical disinfectant to the surfaces of a 180-seat narrow-body jet while the GermFalcon can sanitize that same area in less than 10 minutes.

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Using only Ultra-violet “C” light (UVC), the unit instantly kills bacteria, viruses and superbugs on any exposed surface. The process is fast, affordable, safe and highly effective.

​The product is scientifically-proven UVC which is used in hospitals and works on plastic, metals, leathers and fabrics.

​It has a proven 99 per cent germ-kill in 3 minutes on B737/A320.

​It is also environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-allergenic and harmless to delicate materials says Dimer.

​The unit has three operational modes to treat seating area, galleys and lavatories.