MH370: Timeline

January 20, 2018
MH370 Boeing 777 search Malaysia
The Boeing 777 that is missing

Below are the key dates in the tragic disappearance of MH370.


March 8: Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, a Boeing 777-200ER, missing on a flight from KL to Beijing with 239 passengers and crew aboard.

March 17: Search moves to Southern Indian Ocean

March 28: Search moves to 1800km west of Perth

April 4: Search moves off Exmouth, Western Australia.

April 7: “Black box” pings detected

April 16: Underwater search starts

May 29: Bluefin 21 search abandoned

June 30: Seafloor mapping starts

October 3: Towed side-scan sonar search starts


April 7: Search area doubled to 120,000sqkm.

July 29: Boeing 777 flaperon found on Reunion Island.


March 2: Boeing 777 horizontal stabilizer find In Mozambique

April 2: Interior piece of the plane found on the island of Rodrigues

July 27: European scientists say that the search needs to move further north.

November: Search experts meet and determine that a new area of 25,000sqkm north of existing area needs to be examined based on drift modeling done by CSIRO

December: All told almost 30 pieces of debris found by beachcombers such as Blaine Gibson.


January 6: Search vessel moves to a newly identified area for a final effort to find MH370.

January 17: The underwater search for MH370 is officially suspended.

April 21: New drift analysis of an actual wing part from a 777 confirms the most probable location of MH 370 within the proposed new 25,000 sq. km search area recommended by international experts in October of 2016.

August 6: No find no fee offer by US-based Ocean Infinity to find MH370 made public.

August 7: Relatives urge Malaysia Government to accept the offer.

August 16: Re-examination of French satellite images virtually confirms CSRIO / ATSB location reports for MH370.

October 16: breaks story that Malaysia will accept Ocean Infinity’s offer to find MH370.

October 19: Malaysia confirms story of a resumption of the search.


Jan 3: Ocean Infinity’s Seabed Constructor sets sail from Durban for sea trials and the search area.

Jan 5: Malaysia finally confirms the deal with Ocean Infinity to find MH370 for up to US$70 million.

Jan 11th: Sea trials complete with Seabed Instructor on route to the search area.

Jan 21st: Seabed Constructor due at search area.