June 22, 2022

It is perfectly clear that the Malaysian Government has absolutely no interest in finding MH370 – eight years after it disappeared with 239 on board.

That is the unshakable result after a meeting between search giant Ocean Infinity and the Malaysia Minister of Transport held on Monday, June 20.

Ocean Infinity CEO Oliver Plunkett gave a presentation to the Malaysian Minister of Transport Siri Wee Ka Siong in Kuala Lumpur together with representatives of the MH370 next of kin.

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According to aerospace engineer Richard Godfrey, whose new tracking technology has found a probable location, “the Minister wants more details.”

“Currently, the WSPR-based evidence, as well as Ocean Infinity’s private assessments by 3 universities together with the original Inmarsat data analysis, are being compiled to justify the choice of the proposed search area,” Mr Godfrey said.

“In my view, I do not see why Ocean Infinity has to justify their choice of a proposed search area, as their proposal is on a no find no fee basis. When Ocean Infinity is funding the underwater search, they are taking the financial risk for the planned operation.”

The Minister also plans to consult with Australia and China,” Mr Godrey said.

“Whereas it is diplomatic of Malaysia to consult with Australia and China in view of the expired tripartite agreement, it is the legal, financial, aviation safety and moral responsibility of the Malaysian Government to find MH370.”

In a Facebook post, Wee said “he (Plunkett) shared Ocean Infinity readiness to resume the search operation of MH370 plane based on a “no cure, no fee” deal, whereby payment is made only if the company finds the wreckage.”
When Malaysia rejects a “no find no fee search” then it is perfectly clear they do not want to find the plane for whatever reason.
The solution for OI is very simple. Just tell the Malaysians we going to look for it anyway and they will sign up at the last minute, as they did last time, because the only thing worse than finding it, is for someone else to control it when it is found.
Malaysia has a responsibility to international aviation to find MH370 and if it does not, the International Civil Aviation Organisation should sanction the airline and mount its own search.