Korean Air Wins Major Airline Awards

by Airlineratings Editors
May 31, 2023
Korean Air
Photo: Korean Air

Korean Air has been announced as AirlineRatings.com’s 2023 Best Airline in North Asia and Cargo Airline of the Year and has been ranked number four in the global rating agency’s Top Twenty Five Airlines.

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Korean Air Cargo, with its 51 years of history, is one of the world’s top five air freight operators and is an expert in every sector of the cargo business.

The AirlineRatings.com editors noted that Korean Air offered swift, reliable and customized services to its customers through efficient operations of its large freighters and continued technological investments.

AirlineRatings.com Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas said that “Korean Air was at the forefront of addressing the global cargo capacity shortages during the recent pandemic.”

Korean Air also achieved a 4th placed ranking in AirlineRatings.com’s Top Twenty achieving very high scores in passenger reviews and satisfaction.

Korean Air A380 First Class  Picture: Facebook/Korean Air

“Korean Air is constantly winning awards as passenger feedback lauds the airline’s performance,” Mr Thomas said.

“The airline is at the forefront of innovation and it has invested in a young fleet of state-of-the-art aircraft fleet built around the 787 and 777 for long-haul flights and Airbus A330, A320 and A220 for short-haul.”

Korean Air

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