Is running an airline a game?

by Geoffrey Thomas
June 23, 2013

In just a few days KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, will launch the KLM Game, an online 3D strategic game.

You can experience the complexity of running an airline: choose your destinations, invest in aircraft and design your airports as times and technologies change.

While you might make a mess of running the airline you are sure to do a far better job of designing an airport than many that we have to endure.

According to the game, “Aviation Empire” is quite robust for a free game.

“The game will give any frequent flyer the opportunity to toy with the inner workings of the airline industry and, using social media as a launch pad, it will host a community of ‘airline CEOs’ trying to fly high in the competitive industry.

“Players can run their virtual airline, themed after the Royal Dutch fleet, on both iOS and Android mobile devices,” said Jaunted. 

The game launches or should we say takes off on June 27th but you can register now.

There is a teaser video that, while giving nothing away, will have you intrigued.

Register here;