Flight Safety Detectives dissect the flawed Netflix Downfall doco

by Airlineratings Editors
April 16, 2022
Netflix Downfall

The Flight Safety Detectives have dissected the recent Netflix DownFall documentary highlighting the many errors and omissions.

AirlineRatings.com Editor-in-Chief is a guest on Flight Safety Detectives with hosts Greg Feith and John Goglia both former and highly regarded former NTSB crash detectives.

Greg Feith was the lead investigator on a host of high profile tragedies including Aloha Airlines Flight 243, American Airlines Flight 1420, American Eagle Flight 4184, Korean Air Flight 801, SilkAir Flight 185, Swissair Flight 111, USAir Flight 1016 and ValuJet Flight 592.

FSD hosts a monthly show covering a range of safety issues.

The Real Story with Boeing – Episode 113

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