Extraordinary stunt by the Human Fly atop a Douglas DC-8

February 12, 2022
Human Fly

One of the most spectacular aircraft stunts was performed by Canadian Rick Rojatt dressed up as comic book superhero the Human Fly.

In the early 1970s, Rojatt teamed with famous US pilot Clay Lacy to ride atop a four-engine Douglas DC-8.

The stunt was performed several times at speeds of up to 300mph (480km/hour), mainly in California.

Lacy, the number one pilot for United Airlines when he retired is the world’s most experienced pilot with 50,000 hours and 300 aircraft types and flew the DC-8 as low as 200ft in a high-speed pass that thrilled crowds.

Very few pictures exist of the various events and till recently no video was available.

Clay Lacy Aviation is the world’s leading producer of air-to-air video and still photography with cameras specially developed by Lacy to fit into corporate jet chase planes.

The stunts were not without incident. In one appearance in Dallas, Lacy flew through an unexpected rainstorm, and the rain left Rojatt badly bruised because of the speed of 200mph plus.

Go to www.claylacy.com for more information on Clay Lacy

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