by Airlineratings Editors
July 14, 2022

Etihad Airways has been awarded the Environmental Airline of the Year for 2022 and has been placed 3rd in the rating agency’s Top Twenty airlines. Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas said “Etihad Airways has shown its clear leadership in the push for sustainable flight with its Greenliner Boeing 787 program and this year with its Sustainability50, A350 aircraft.

“At every touchpoint, Etihad Airways staff and management are committed to reducing the airline’s CO2 footprint and it shows.

“The mantra at Etihad Airways is a million things count in reducing emissions and thus the focus is all-consuming.”

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Etihad Airways Group Chief Executive Officer Tony Douglas said: “Our ambition to become a leader in aviation sustainability has taken us on a journey to reduce the impact of aviation on the environment, not just for Etihad, but for the entire industry.

“We continue to explore and test all possible ways to decarbonise – from research into sustainable aviation fuels and contrail avoidance to offsets and reforestation through the Etihad Mangroves. The Sustainability Report we published earlier this year is a culmination of our efforts demonstrating the work we have done and what we have learned so far and I would encourage everyone to read it.

“We are grateful to our partners from the major manufacturers to academics and small start-ups who have partnered with us on this mission, in particular through the Greenliner and Sustainable50 programs. And we’re appreciative of our guests and corporate clients who have signed up to our green loyalty program Conscious Choices or played their part by bringing a little less luggage or choosing to offset their flights.

“This accolade is testament to our efforts over the past few years to be the greenest airline in the sky and we’re proud to be awarded the Environmental Airline of the Year 2022.”

Mr Thomas added that “the airline’s Sustainability Report 2020-2021 demonstrates the potential advancements to be made in sustainable aviation by a wide range of initiatives, coordinated to achieve a 20 per cent reduction in emissions intensity in its passenger fleet by 2025, cut 2019 net emissions by 50 per cent by 2035, and reach net-zero emissions by 2050.”

Etihad Airways Sustainability Report is a benchmark for the industry and demonstrates the potential advancements to be made in sustainable aviation by a wide range of initiatives.

Amongst the many highlights of Etihad Airways’ eco achievements are:

  • Launched the world’s most comprehensive industry-wide testing and innovation program
  • Became the first airline to secure commercial finance based on verified compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations
  • Partnered with Boeing, Safran and NASA for eight days of specialised testing to enhance safety and reduce CO2 emissions and noise as part of the 2020 ecoDemonstrator program
  • Tested and implemented world-first operational efficiencies and technology solutions including Jeppesen Flite Deck Advisor, SATAVIA contrail avoidance, GE Engine Foam Wash, eTech logs and lightweight Unit Load Devices
  • Announced Etihad Mangroves Forrest project to establish carbon-absorbing forests in every country Etihad operates
  • Became official airline sponsor of the BGCI Global Biodiversity Standard

And what is very exciting is that Etihad Airways is not only pushing the technological boundaries and supporting small innovative companies which are pioneering environmental breakthroughs but it is then sharing the knowledge gained.