Emirates Restores More Flights in Australia

March 27, 2023

Emirates has increased its Australian capacity with the reintroduction of services from Melbourne to Singapore and Sydney to Christchurch, expanding the airline’s travel destinations for Australians.

In Melbourne, the Emirates EK404/405 service will provide Australians connecting to Singapore with a better experience. Customers not only have a new connection to the popular financial and tourism hub but also have the option to fly onward to Dubai. The third daily flight will operate on a Boeing 777-300ER.

The newly restored third Dubai-Melbourne flight will serve strong demand between both cities.

From Sydney, the existing EK412/413 service between Dubai and Sydney, will now expand to offer Australians onward travel to Christchurch and the only A380 Trans-Tasman experience between Australia and New Zealand.

Barry Brown, Divisional Vice President Australasia at Emirates, says “We take tremendous pride in offering Australians better travel options, so are pleased that today we are returning to two new in-demand destinations.

“Our Melbourne-Singapore-Dubai service will offer travellers a strong connection opportunity between two global travel hubs, providing access to substantial leisure and business activities, plus fantastic onward links to and through Dubai.

“We also welcome back our Sydney-Christchurch service, a favourite for travellers between New Zealand and Australia. As the only A380 experience between the sister countries across the Trans-Tasman, passengers will be able to take advantage of Emirates’ signature experience, including a superior First and Business Class offering, plus our highly popular Premium Economy cabin, one of the best in the air.”

Emirates’ new Premium Economy, is also available on the A380 and it features 19.5 inches wide seats with a 40-inch roomy pitch.

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