China seeks airline whistleblowers to highlight safety breaches

by Airline Ratings Editors
May 21, 2022

According to Reuters China’s aviation regulator is seeking “whistleblowers” from the industry’s frontline workers to highlight any safety breaches.

The move comes after two major accidents including the deadly China Eastern crash, that have dented the country’s excellent report.

Reuters says that the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) issued a document on May 19, urging frontline staff and management to report findings to airlines to prevent any safety hazards.

“It is of great necessity that we fully mobilise the vast number of frontline personnel – for them to be willing and dare to be a safety ‘whistle blower’, which would also be crucial in reversing the current unfavourable situation and maintain the stable operations of the industry safety,” the CAAC said in a statement.

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On March 21, China Eastern flight MU5735 crashed in the mountains of Guangxi killing 132 people in China’s worst aviation disaster in 28 years.

Earlier this month a Tibet Airlines A319 caught fire after pilots aborted the take-off in the southwestern city of Chongqing. While all passengers were evacuated dozens suffered minor injuries.

The CAAC said whistleblowers would be rewarded and their identity protected through confidentiality agreements.