Boeing CEO Muilenburg aboard 737 MAX test flight

April 04, 2019
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Boeing Chairman, President, and CEO Dennis Muilenburg has joined Boeing test pilots aboard a 737 MAX 7 flight for a demonstration of the updated MCAS software.

Boeing says that the flight crew performed different scenarios that exercised various aspects of the software changes to test failure conditions.

The company said that the software update worked as designed, and the pilots landed safely at Boeing Field.

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Boeing says it will conduct additional test and demo flights as it continues to work to demonstrate that it has “identified and appropriately addressed all certification requirements.”

“We will submit the update for FAA review once that work has been completed in the coming weeks, a spokesman said.

“Safety is our first priority, and we will take a thorough and disciplined approach to the development and testing of the update to ensure we take the time to get it right. This demonstration flight is another step in that process.”