August 02, 2022
Virgin Australia

Bloomberg one of the world’s most respected business news platforms has used survey data from just 19 airlines to lash Virgin Australia and Air New Zealand two of the world’s best airlines over passenger disruptions.

Why only 19 airlines are chosen and on what basis is unclear but there are over 1000 airlines in the world with about 400 carrying about 95 per cent of the world’s passenger traffic.

As well as all the COVID-related and staffing issues Virgin Australia, Air New Zealand and Qantas have been battered by some of the worst weather on record over the past three months with hundreds of flights being cancelled.

In one week recently Sydney recorded more rain than London gets in a year restricting Sydney, Australia’s biggest hub to one runway.

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The Bloomberg report surveyed: Virgin Australia, KLM, Air New Zealand, Qantas, Lufthansa, British Airways, American, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Iberia, Lantam, Air France, Ryanair, JAL, ANA, Southwest, AirAsia, Cathay Pacific, and Singapore Airlines.

It left out all the Chinese airlines – some of the world’s biggest – as well as giants such as the world’s biggest international airlines in Emirates and Qatar Airways.

Also missing are Etihad Airways, Jetstar, Spirit, JetBlue, Allegiant, SAS, Finnair, Air Canada, Westjet, Malaysia Airlines, Thai International, Air India, Jet Airways, Spicejet, Korean Air, Eva Air, China Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Frontier Airlines Turkish Airlines, Wizz Air, and no airlines from Africa.

In the opinion of this website, it is a gross distortion of the facts to print such a report – a report that would never pass that stats test for accuracy by any university.