An American win in Paris for AirlineRatings scribe.

by AirlineRatings
June 20, 2017

AirlineRatings writer Jerome Greer Chandler has been recognised with a lifetime achievement award at the prestigious Aerospace Media Awards 2017.

Chandler was one of three people to be honoured with a lifetime award at a dinner held in Paris at the Aero Club de France on June 18.

Unable to attend because of health issues, he said of the recognition: “It’s a real honor, one that I will treasure always. Thanks to all who helped along the way—my family, editors and colleagues. I’m humbled.”

Chandler’s journalistic journey began when his grandfather indulged his passion for things aeronautic by taking him to Dallas Love Field to watch DC-6s, DC-7s take off and land.

The arc of that journey altered when—in succession—two relatives died in separate air crashes. Chandler wanted to know the how and the why behind the tragedies

In 1984, he published a piece on Korean Air Flight 007. The late Coleman Lollar, editor of Frequent Flyer, read it and Chandler’s 23-year globe-girdling relationship with the ground-breaking publication began.

Assignments for others followed and publications with whom Chandler worked included, Time, Overhaul & Maintenance, The Financial Times of London, Consumer Reports Travel Letter, Travel & Leisure, Popular Science, and Wirtschaftswoche .

He is also the author of two books. Fire & Rain chronicled the demise of Delta Flight 191 in 1985 in Dallas. He was recently a co-author of the e-book Greener Wings, which explored aviation’s impact on the environment.

In parallel with his writing career, Chandler taught journalism for 30 years at Jacksonville State University in Alabama, retiring in February 2017.

He infused his real-world experiences into his lectures and assignments, eschewing the ivory tower teaching techniques of academia for lessons that were more practical.