AirAsia tops COVID-19 ratings with seven stars

by Christine Forbes Smith
November 20, 2020

AirAsia tops COVID-19 ratings with seven stars according to the latest assessment by was the first to develop unique COVID-19 health ratings for airlines to give comfort to air travellers, whether about to make a flight or planning their next adventure.

Flying in this unsettled world means travelling safely is now of paramount importance and significant new data services from allow passengers to take the worry out of choosing an airline.

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For a COVID-19 compliance star as part of the overall safety rating, airlines must pass four of seven criteria: website information on COVID19 procedures; face masks for passengers; personal protection equipment for the crew; modified meal service; deep clean of aircraft, personal sanitizer kit and social distancing onboarding.

These are based on criteria set out by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) on regional and international safety guidelines.

The new initiative is being been done exclusively with Skyscanner in the UK.

Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas said that “it was concerning to find than many airlines did not appear to comply with the COVID-19 agreed standards for the protection of passengers and crew.”

“That is changing and our team is reviewing compliance on a weekly basis,” said Thomas.

“AirAsia was one of the first airlines to aggressively adopt all the recommendations,” said Thomas.

“It is not necessary to do any independent testing as the airline themselves are doing that where necessary and as long as the standards are followed passengers will have the ultimate in protection at the airport and on the aircraft.

Thomas added that “it is a bit like the most dangerous part of the journey is the taxi or Uber ride to the airport and so it is with COVID-19. You are in far more danger of getting COVID-19 en route to the airport than at the airport or on the plane.”