Weekly Roundup – December 9th, 2019

December 10, 2019
Project Sunrise

Here are our 4 most popular articles from the past week.

Is Qantas’ Project Sunrise fading into the sunset?

Project Sunrise

Qantas’ Project Sunrise appears to be fading into the sunset with no decision now expected till at least February and indications that the business case doesn’t stack up at the moment.


British Airways doubles down on premium-heavy trend

British Airways premium
First class is little changed from previously. Photo: British Airways

British Airways is continuing its aircraft transition strategy with the arrival of its first stretched Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner, which will join the airline’s American composite twinjet fleet alongside the smaller 787-8 and -9 series jets flying from London Heathrow.


 Airbus boss does not regret A380 decision

airbus A380
Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury. Photo: Steve Creedy

The order by Emirates for 50 Airbus A350s at the recent Dubai Air Show was a last-minute affair, so much so that there wasn’t even time to print press releases in time for the announcement press conference.


Airlines need to get priority boarding right

Photo: John Walton

With the news that Qantas is revamping its priority boarding to give premium customers greater priority, it’s perhaps a useful time to think more widely about how to make this option a real perk for premium cabin passengers and highly valuable frequent flyers.