Stunning Boeing 737 VIP interior video

    Boeing has released a stunning video of its 737 with a VIP interior.

    Most people would know the 737 – the workhorse of the sky – as an often cramped passenger plane but over 200 are fitted out as VIP transports.

    Boeing 737
    Typical 737 interior

    So just re-arrange the furniture and you get this latest concept design put together by award-winning aviation design firm SkyStyle.

    The concept, named Genesis by SkyStyle Co-Founders Max Pardo and Lucas Colombo, represents the company’s debut in BBJ MAX design.

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    “From an aviation designer’s perspective, the BBJ MAX is incredibly appealing because there is so much more interior space to realize one’s vision,” said Max Pardo. “And since the MAX flies ultra-long-distances, the owners are looking for a comfortable lounge, multi-function conference area, and a large master suite to ensure the ultimate flight experience.”

    The BBJ MAX Genesis concept draws inspiration from nature’s tranquility, its voluminous clouds hanging over a white sand beach, smooth rolling hills and a starry night sky.

    “BBJ MAX interiors have always been a sharp departure from the cramped cabins of smaller business jets, and the Genesis design is yet another example of our exclusive cabin capabilities,” said Laxton.

    The BBJ MAX family – based on Boeing’s best-selling 737 MAX airplane – offers business jet customers the best combination of space, comfort and range.  With more than three times the cabin area as most competing business jets, bespoke interiors to match any preference, and lower cabin altitude, the jet is capable of flying 7,000 nautical miles (12,964 km).

    Boeing 737
    Boardroom table

    In addition, BBJ MAX owners benefit from a lower total cost to own when compared to other high-end business jets. The MAX’s optimized maintenance schedule drives operating costs that are nearly the same as smaller, less comfortable competitors. BBJs also retain comparatively higher residual values by requiring a fraction of the lengthy and expensive shop visits experienced by other business jets as they age. As a result, the BBJ MAX can save customers millions of dollars in total ownership expenditure over the life of the airplane.

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