Spectacular landing and take-offs in high winds

    Last year, Doris, one of the strongest storms to hit the UK and Ireland created havoc with flights with some spectacular landings and take-offs in high winds.

    Doris was dubbed a “weather bomb” due to its rapid intensification and packed winds of 105km/hr.

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    However, Capel Curig in Wales recorded wind gusts of 152 km/hr.

    Landing is the most dangerous part of a flight
    A Flybe Dash 8 touches down.

    Flugsnug.com captured some dramatic footage of landings, aborted landings, and some spectacular take-offs at the UK’s Birmingham Airport.

    The cameraman said that it was the “strongest gusting wind I have filmed in – up to 62 mph/54 knots.”

    “Plenty of heavy wing flexing, furious flicking of control surfaces, and a near tail strike making a great opportunity to see in detail how planes and pilots handled the unusually difficult conditions.”

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