It is the world’s scariest landing

    It is rated as one of the world’s most dangerous airports and that’s in fine weather but without doubt, it is the scariest landing.

    Perched at 2,800m (9,200ft) on a tiny outcrop of relatively “flatland” nestled amongst the world’s tallest mountains Tenzing-HillaryAirport at Lukla, Nepal tests even the most confident flyers.

    It was built in 1964 under the supervision of famous mountain climber and New Zealander Sir Edmund Hillary.

    It was intended to build it on farmlands, but locals did not want to give up their previous flatlands.

    Lukla Airport
    Wider view of the mountains that Lukla is perched on.

    The airport can only handle helicopters and small, aircraft such as Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porters, DHC-6 Twin Otters and Dornier Do 228s.

    The single runway is 527 m (1,729 ft) long with a huge 11.7 percent gradient.

    It is located at a height of 9,334 ft (2,845 m).

    For pilots, there is no chance of a go-around on short final due to the terrain ahead.

    But your pilots will be experienced for this airport.

    They must have completed at least 100 short-takeoff-and-landing flights (STOL) and have one year of STOL experience in Nepal and have completed ten missions into Lukla with a certified instructor pilot before they can land at the airport.

    Sadly, however, there have been 10 crashes.

    Lukla Airport
    Lukla Airport is perched on the side of a massive mountain
    Lukla Airport
    Lukla Airport final approach


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