Air New Zealand’s merry mistake attracts 13 million

    Air New Zealand’s humorous Christmas take on the Kiwi accent has attracted 13 million online views.

    The airline’s “A Very Mistake”” sees Santa grappling with the New Zealand accent and ordering strange gifts such as an “earplane” and a “puggy bank” from his workshop.

    The unsual requests come close to prompting revolt from the head elf before an Air New Zealand cabin crew deftly steps in to provide much needed translation services.

    “We wanted to celebrate Christmas in a uniquely Kiwi way and it’s been terrific seeing the response to ‘A Very Merry Mistake’,”  said Air New Zealand head of gklobal brand and content marketing, Jodi Williams.

    “To have our content recognised by Entertainment Weekly alongside leading international brands like Apple, Amazon, Macy’s and Marks & Spencer is simply fantastic.

    “It’s been great to see many online viewers also recounting their experiences of talking to Kiwis while New Zealanders offshore have said the video has made them miss home.”

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