• ANA's A380

    ANA’s A380 spectacular painting video

    ANA’s A380 is the most complex aircraft paint job ever done by Airbus taking 8,000 man hours and 21 days but the giant aerospace company is happy as, finally, it is delivering the superjumbo to Japan. Japan was always on top of the list of markets where Airbus hoped to sell its giant double-decker A380. It wasn’t to […]

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  • Boeing 737

    Stunning Boeing 737 VIP interior video

    Boeing has released a stunning video of its 737 with a VIP interior. Most people would know the 737 – the workhorse of the sky – as an often cramped passenger plane but over 200 are fitted out as VIP transports. So just re-arrange the furniture and you get this latest concept design put together by […]

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  • scanner

    An airport scanner that sees all

    A super-sensitive passenger scanner that reveals hidden security threats is being trialed in the UK. The walk-through scanner, which uses space technology to image human body heat, is the result of a collaboration between Sequestim Ltd. and Cardiff University scientists. Computer learning allows the scanner to distinguish between threats and non-threats but without the need […]

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  • Concorde

    Magnificent video tribute to Concorde

    Concorde was a masterpiece of engineering, a technological marvel and the greatest financial disaster in aviation history but for all who look skyward and dream, she is sadly missed. Fifteen years ago, on October 24, 2003,  the Concorde, on most people’s bucket list, made her last flight, as age and economic reality finally caught up […]

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  • world's safest aircraft5

    Dispelling the myths about flying

    In this introductory video, Managing Director and founder, Geoffrey Thomas talks about his passion for aviation and motivation to dispel the myths about flying. Ever since he can recall Geoffrey has had a love of aviation, nurtured initially by his uncle John Maskiell who was one of the senior engineers for Trans Australian Airlines. “Uncle John […]

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  • Boeing 777 landng in LAX

    Slipping into LAX at sunrise on a Boeing 777

    The approach to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is always fascinating and at sunrise, there is another dimension. Planes everywhere, multiple airports in the region and impressive cost line and mountains. Every now and again you get the “perfect” angles with sunrise or sunset highlighting the beauty and lines of the plane you’re are on. […]

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  • crazy wing clouds

    Wing clouds make for stunning video

    Ever wonder what those crazy clouds dancing on the wing are during takeoff or landing. Well, these are the result of the lift forces which make the plane fly. Lift comes about because the air pressure is low above the wing, and a drop in air pressure (and temperature) tends to cause invisible water vapor […]

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  • Virgin Galactic

    Virgin Galactic fires up

    Virgin Galactic’s VSS Unity is seen here firing up its rocket motor above the Mojave Desert. Unity is taken aloft from Virgin’s New Mexico spaceport by a unique double-hulled aircraft and ignites its rocket after separating from the mothership. This is designed to take the spaceship and its cargo of tourists it to the edge […]

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  • Contrails are formed by water vapor

    Gorgeous Rainbow Contrail Video

    This gorgeous video of a rainbow contrail was taken of an aircraft flying over Birmingham in the United Kindom. It was taken by flugsug.  Contrail is short for condensation trails and appear as a line of cloud produced by the jet exhaust or can be formed by changes in air pressure from aircraft at cruise altitude. Despite […]

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  • Scary take-off

    Scary take-off?

    Crosswind take-offs can be as spectacular and nerve-racking as crosswind landings and can certainly test passenger’s stomachs. Intense winter storm Emma which hit the UK in early March resulted in some testing times for pilots and passengers. This video taken by flugsnug was shot at Birmingham Airport . Typically, aircraft land and take-off into the wind to decrease […]

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