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  • DC-3

    Love Switzerland and the DC-3? Then you will love this!

    If you love Switzerland and the DC-3 then you will love this video from Jan Locher SEE our tribute to the Concorde Below are some still shots of the making of the DC-3 video. And here is another film on the DC-3 by Jan Locher.    

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  • AirlineRatings’ thoughts on the MH370 tragedy aired on the BBC Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas has been interviewed on the BBC in London on the 5th anniversary of the loss of MH370 at its 239 passengers and crew. Mr Thomas’s views are those of the editorial team at which has covered this crash from the start. SEE our MH370 coverage

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  • MH370

    Wreck hunter talks exclusively about likely MH370 debris find

    Some of the new MH370 debris that was found on Madagascar last year has been confirmed by Malaysian authorities as likely from the lost Boeing 777. The five pieces of MH370 debris were handed over on November 30, by wreck hunter Blaine Gibson and some relatives of those lost in the MH370 disappearance, to Malaysian […]

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  • 777X

    Boeing’s 777X gets the world’s largest commercial jet engine.

    The world’s largest commercial jet engine, the GE9X, has been installed on the Boeing 777X ready for rollout next month. The GE9X engine is the most fuel-efficient commercial engine ever built and is a key contributor to what makes the 777X the largest and most efficient twin-engine jet in the world according to Boeing. The […]

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  • ANA and A380

    ANA’s A380 spectacular painting video

    ANA’s A380 is the most complex aircraft paint job ever done by Airbus taking 8,000 man hours and 21 days but the giant aerospace company is happy as, finally, it is delivering the superjumbo to Japan. Japan was always on top of the list of markets where Airbus hoped to sell its giant double-decker A380. It wasn’t to […]

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  • Boeing 737

    Stunning Boeing 737 VIP interior video

    Boeing has released a stunning video of its 737 with a VIP interior. Most people would know the 737 – the workhorse of the sky – as an often cramped passenger plane but over 200 are fitted out as VIP transports. So just re-arrange the furniture and you get this latest concept design put together by […]

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  • scanner

    An airport scanner that sees all

    A super-sensitive passenger scanner that reveals hidden security threats is being trialed in the UK. The walk-through scanner, which uses space technology to image human body heat, is the result of a collaboration between Sequestim Ltd. and Cardiff University scientists. Computer learning allows the scanner to distinguish between threats and non-threats but without the need […]

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  • Concorde

    Magnificent video tribute to Concorde

    Concorde was a masterpiece of engineering, a technological marvel and the greatest financial disaster in aviation history but for all who look skyward and dream, she is sadly missed. Fifteen years ago, on October 24, 2003,  the Concorde, on most people’s bucket list, made her last flight, as age and economic reality finally caught up […]

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  • world's safest aircraft5

    Dispelling the myths about flying

    In this introductory video, Managing Director and founder, Geoffrey Thomas talks about his passion for aviation and motivation to dispel the myths about flying. Ever since he can recall Geoffrey has had a love of aviation, nurtured initially by his uncle John Maskiell who was one of the senior engineers for Trans Australian Airlines. “Uncle John […]

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