August 28, 2022
Korean Air new menu

Korean Air has unveiled fabulous new meal options as air travel recovers and passengers flock back to the airline.

The airline has started serving three new Korean meal options: bulgogi rice with acorn jelly in cold broth; spicy noodles; and spicy seafood noodle soup.

Earlier this year in March, the airline also introduced new Korean dishes such as spicy pork lettuce wraps and braised mackerel.

Bulgogi rice with acorn jelly in cold broth

Acorn jelly in cold broth is a popular seasonal summer dish. This healthy, low-calorie dish is composed of jelly made from 100% acorn and a white kimchi-based broth with red pepper powder. It is served together with bulgogi rice, a more filling and familiar dish.

Spicy noodles

The spicy noodles are made with fresh, chewy buckwheat noodles, and are served together with dumplings. The cold, spicy buckwheat noodles can be enjoyed in First and Prestige Classes.

Spicy pork lettuce wraps

The popular Korean dish, spicy pork lettuce wraps, in which a variety of leafy vegetables are used to wrap meat, rice and vegetables, has been receiving positive reviews from customers as a healthy and tasty meal. This meal is available in all classes on mid- to long-haul flights.

Braised mackerel

A gourmet version of the commonly enjoyed Korean dish, braised mackerel, has been developed for First and Prestige Classes. The non-spicy white kimchi, served together with the mackerel, brings out the taste and texture of this famous Korean cuisine.

Desserts and beverages like sherbet, detox juice and fruit jelly have also been added to First and Prestige Classes. Sherbet made with lemon juice, basil and syrup in traditional French style is served as an appetizer. The detox juice is a mixture of bananas, pineapples, apple juice, and kale; and the fruit jelly, made with fresh fruit puree, is a perfect match for coffee or tea.

Spicy seafood noodle soup

Spicy seafood noodle soup is a popular Chinese-style dish in Korea, and it can be enjoyed as a snack in First Class for flights departing from Korea.

As part of Korean Air’s commitment to providing its passengers with a memorable post-pandemic inflight experience, it says it will continue to enhance its inflight cuisine by reflecting customers’ tastes and needs.

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