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Economy Class

  • All aircraft operate in economy only configuration
  • Food and beverages available for purchase with limited number of fresh items; fresh options can be pre-ordered before flight or at time of booking on flights out of Toronto. Westjet only accepts credit card fro in flight purchases or ‘Westjet vouchers’ available for purchase at some terminals.
  • Live satellite TV provided on flights within Canada on most aircraft; movies can be purchased on flights of 2.5 hours or longer; complimentary stored programming instead of live TV offered on flights to continental US, the Caribbean and Mexico; personal media players can be hired on flights over 3 hours on some aircraft; headphones available for purchase or passengers can bring their own; the regional arm of Westjet, Westjet Encore has no in flight entertainment
  • Seat pitch of 31-33 inch with seat selection available for a fee
  • Blankets available for purchase
  • Seat selection up to 24 hours before flight for a fee
  • Baggage allowance must be purchased at the time of booking
  • Plus Class

  • Complimentary meals/snacks and beverages from the menu
  • Extra leg room seating (36 inch seat pitch) in the first three rows of the cabin meaning you embark and disembark the plane first
    • Canadian low cost carrier commenced service in 1996
    • First service outside of the United States and Canada took place in 2006
    • Operates services within Canada as well as to the United States, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
    • Good route network with generous seat pitch and in flight entertainment options for low cost carrier
    • 737-600
    • 737-700
    • 737-800

    Denied boarding

    Volunteers will first be asked to surrender their ticket for benefits however if no volunteers are found, passengers will be chosen based on ticket type, destination etc.
    Passengers denied boarding are entitiled to compensation of

    0-1 hour arrival dealy – no comepnsation
    1- 2 hour arrival delay – 200% of the total price to get pasenger to destiation to a maximum of $650CAD
    Over 2 hours arrival delay – 400%  of the total price to get passenger to destination to a maximum of $1300CAD

    The airline will also
    -carry you at the earliest opportunity on another of our scheduled services on which space is available without additional charges.
    -Within a reasonable period of time re-route you to the destination shown on your ticket by our own services or those of another Carrier, or by other mutually agreed means and class of transportation without additional charge. If the fare, and charges for the revised routing are lower than what you have paid, we shall refund the difference

    -make a refund of the part/s of the ticket that can no longer be used.
    -The airline will offer meals and refreshments, accomodation where needed as well as transport between the airport and accomodation.

    In the event of airline contollable cancellations or lengthy delays such as aircraft changes or crewing, passengers will be offered
    -meal vouchers for any posted or estimated departure delay of three (3) or more hours up to a maximum of three (3) meal vouchers per day.
    – hotel voucher, one (1) meal voucher and airport transfers for passengers who are delayed eight (8) hours or more and who did not start their travel at that airport.
    – if the passenger is already on the aircraft when a delay occurs, and it is safe, practical and there is adequate time to do so, the Carrier will: i. offer drinks and snacks and ii. if the delay exceeds 90 minutes the aircraft will return to the gate to provide passengers with the option to disembark.
    – if a confirmed passenger misses their original down-line connection to another flight (with the Carrier) as a result of a controllable delay, the Carrier will offer the passenger the choice of: i. transportation, without further charge and within a reasonable time, to either the passenger’s intended destination or point of origin with the Carrier, an interline or code-share partner of the Carrier, or another Carrier as deemed necessary; ii. a credit, in an amount to be determined by the Carrier, which may be used towards the purchase of future transportation with the Carrier; iii. a monetary payment in the amount of the unused portion of the passenger’s ticket

    The airline does not have to provide any of the above when a delay is caused by weather, acts of god, air traffic control delays, strikes, war etc

    Passengers must notify the arriving airline of their lost or dmagaed baggage before departing from the arrival hall.
    Click here  for information about lost or delayed baggage and liability

    For information on your rights during lengthy tarmac delays click here

    See airlines full conditions of carriage here

    NOTE: Conditions of Carriage refer to the country of origin and may not be applicable to all jurisdictions.

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