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    Economy Class

    • Many aircraft operate in all economy configuration
    • Refreshments offered; cold or hot meals offered depending on length of flight
    • In flight entertainment on 767 aircraft only
    • Seat pitch of 30 inch except for A321 with 29 inch. Seats do not recline; upgraded seats with more leg room can be purchased
    • Baggage allowance of 20kg; upgraded fares allow extra 10kg baggage allowance
    • Blankets and Pillows available

    Comfort Class

    • Available on 737-400s and 737-800s
    • Selection of starters, salads, main courses, wine, juice and water provided
    • No in flight entertainment
    • Seats located at front of plane and have more legroom and space
    • Baggage allowance of 30kg
    • Blankets and pillows available

    Business Class

    • Starter, salads, soups, main courses, desserts, wine, cognac, juice and water provided
    • In flight entertainment on 767 aircraft only
    • Seats larger than economy and have more leg room and more recline
    • Blankets, pillows and amenity kits provided
    • Baggage allowance of 40kg
    • Began in 1967 when the Aeroflot Tyumen Directorate was set up to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry in Western Siberia
    • Tyumenaviatrans Aviation (TAT) was set up to replace Aeroflot Tyumen Directorate in 1991
    • TAT became known as UTair in 2003
    • Now serves over 100 destinations and is the largest domestic airline in Russia with the widest route network
    • 767-300
    • 737-800
    • 737-400
    • 737-500
    • ATR72-500
    • ATR72-200
    • CRJ-100

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