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    • Complimentary snack and non alcoholic beverage
    • No in flight entertainment except on the A330
    • Seat pitch of 29 inch with some recline; Seat pitch of 31 inch on the 737-800. Seat selection available for a fee. Seat pitch of 32 inch on the A330 with nine a breast seating
    • Included baggage allowance of 15kgs for domestic flights and 20kgs for international

    Premium Economy

    • Complimentary meal, snacks and alcoholic beverages
    • Seat pitch of 60 inch on the A330 and 42 inch on other aircraft
    • On demand entertainment through seat back screens
    • Generous baggage allowance
    • Operating a fleet of all new boeing 737-900 aircraft, Lion Air commenced service in December 2013
    • The company operates with Thai partners as an associate company of Lion Air based in Indonesia.
    • 737-900
    • 737-900 MAX
    • 737-800
    • A330-300

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