Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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    Product Rating 4/5

    Rating Criteria

    • Meals and snacks available for purchase but beverages are complimentary
    • Seats have a 31 inch pitch and seat selection is complimentary
    • No in flight entertainment but colouring books are available for children
    • Free blankets and pillows
    • Baggage is included in the fare
    • The airline was established as Pan Asia Airlines in 1997 as the fourth new airline in a deregulated Japanese market.
    • The corporate name was changed to Skynet Asia Airways Co., Ltd. in August 1998, and operations commenced in July 2002,
    •  It established “Solaseed Air” as corporate brand in July 2011.
    • As of December 2015, the corporate name was changed to Solaseed Air Inc.
    • 737-800

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