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    Product Rating 5.5/7

    Rating Criteria

    COVID-19 Star Rating Breakdown 0/7

    Rating Criteria

    First Class

    • Available only on A330-300s
    • Restaurant quality multi course meals with beverages; welcome drink offered
    • Audio/Video On Demand
    • Seat pitch of 87 inch which transform to fully lie flat beds with aisle access and massage function
    • Mobile phone and Wi-Fi equipped; in seat power, USB ports and Ethernet plug available
    • Lounge area at front of cabin
    • Large pillow, duvet and superior amenity kit provided
    • Baggage allowance of 50kg

    Business Class

    On the 737 aircraft

    • Shared cabin screens show movies and TV shows
    • Full meal and beverage service
    • Seat pitch of 40 inch with seats in a 2-2 configuration
    • Blankets and pillows available
    • Baggage allowance of 40kg

    On the A330 aircraft

    • Baggage allowance of 40kg
    • Blanket, pillow and premium amenity kit supplied
    • Mobile phone and WiFi equipped
    • In seat power, USB ports and Ethernet plug available
    • Seat pitch of 82 inch which transform into fully lie flat beds
    • Audio/Video On Demand
    • Superior meal and beverage service with snacks available

    Economy Class

    • Full meal and beverage service; snack offered prior to landing on long haul flights; snacks only on short haul flights
    • Audio/Video On Demand on A330s with minimal or no in flight entertainment on other aircraft
    • Seat pitch of 34 inch seat pitch on A330s; seat pitch of 31 to 32 inch on other aircraft
    • Mobile phone, Wi-Fi and in seat power available on A330s
    • Blankets, pillows and amenity kit provided on long haul flights; blankets and pillows available on medium/long haul flights
    • Baggage allowance of 30kg
    • Commenced services in 1993
    • Entered the long haul market in 2007
    • A330-200
    • A330-300
    • 737-700
    • 737-800
    • ATR 42
    • Embraer Jet 175

    COVID-19 Compliance (0/7)

    – COVID-19 website information and instructions
    – Social distancing on boarding
    – Flight attendant Personal Protection Equipment
    – Face masks compulsory
    – Meal service modified
    – Passenger Sanitizer Kit
    – Deep clean of aircraft

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