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    Economy Class

    • Sandwiches, snacks, hot and cold drinks are available for purchase on board; salad, hot snacks and meals are available for pre-purchase before your flight; passengers can bring their own food and beverages on board however cabin crew will not heat up any meals; no alcohol is served on board; water provided complimentary on longer international flights; water to be purchased on domestic and regional flights
    • No in flight entertainment
    • Seat pitch of 29 inch with some recline; preferred seats or seats with extra legroom avaiable for a fee prior to the flight
    • No blankets, pillows or amenity kits however eyeshades, inflatable blankets and pillows can be purchased on board international flights
    • Baggage allowance to be purchased

    Business Class

    • Standard meals, snacks and beverages provided complimentary; no alcohol is served on board
    • Provision of iPad loaded with in-flight entertainment choices on international routes only
    • Seat pitch of 48inch on regional and domestic routes and 60 inch on international routes; seats on the international routes transform in to an angled flat bed
    • Blankets and pillows provided as well as amenity kit with dental kit, eye shades, socks and shaving kit
    • Baggage allowance of two 25kg bags on domestic flights and two 30kg bags on international
    • Commenced service in 2007 as a low cost carrier
    • flynas unveiled a new modern identity in 2013 and made significant investments in enhancing its aircraft fleet and introducing a dedicated Business Class Cabin
    • In 2014, flynas has launched and pioneered the Low Cost Carrier Plus (LCC+) concept that allows the carrier to offer its passengers value-added, services-driven, yet affordable international air travel on both Business Class and Economy Class, as part of its Global Flight Routes program. This program will drive the future growth of flynas, as it expands its presence on three continents – Asia, Africa and Europe
    • A320
    • 747
    • A330

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