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  • All aircraft are in economy only configuration
  • Operates some flights for Finnair and passengers traveling within Finland and Scandinavia can earn Finnair plus points
  • Food and drinks available for purchase on board; Economy Plus passengers receive refreshments and a snack complimentary
  • No in flight entertainment
  • Seat pitch of 30 inch with minimal recline; seat selection available for a fee unless flying on "Get More" or "All In" ticket where it is complimentary
  • No blankets or pillows
  • Economy Plus passengers have complimentary lounge access
  • Baggage allowance between 15 and 40kg must be paid for at time of booking ticket; 'Get More' and 'All In' tickets have baggage allowance complimentary; Carry on baggage allowance of 8kgs.
  • Click here for more information about our Flybe Nordic reviews and safety ratings system.

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