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    Product Rating 5/7

    Rating Criteria

    COVID-19 Star Rating Breakdown 7/7

    Rating Criteria

    Economy Class

    • Food and beverages provided
    • Audio/Video On Demand on A330s, 787s, A380s and most 777s; shared cabin screens or personal devices on other aircraft
    • Seat pitch of 29 to 32 inch with 19.5 to 20.5 inch width and 4.5 to 6 inch recline; seat width of 16.2 to 17.2 inch on 777s
    • Newspapers offered
    • Blankets, pillows and amenity kits provided on medium and long haul flights
    • Baggage allowance of 1 x 23kg bag with additional allowance on selected routes

    Premium Economy

    • Additional side dish provided with meals and candy bar available
    • In flight entertainment varies as in economy
    • Seat pitch of 35 to 37 inch and slightly greater seat width than in Economy. Seat recline the same or only slightly more than in economy
    • Newspaper offered
    • Blankets, pillows and amenity kits provided on medium and long haul flights
    • Baggage allowance of 2 x 23kg bags

    Business Class

    • Meals and beverages provided
    • Audio/Video On Demand on A380, A330, 777 and 787 aircraft with noise canceling headphones; shared cabin screens on single aisle aircraft.
    • Full lie flat beds on A380s,787s and most A330s and 777s; Generous recline on single aisle aircraft or angled lie flat beds offered on four 777s operating on shorter routes
    • Blanket and pillow available
    • Baggage allowance of 3 x 23kg bags

    First Class

    • Restaurant quality meals served; Chinese tea service offered
    • Audio/Video On Demand with noise canceling headphones
    • Seats transform into fully lie flat beds with massage function. More privacy than Business class
    • In seat power and satellite phone available
    • Large pillow and duvet provided
    • Baggage allowance of 3 x 23kg bags
    • Established on July 1st 1988 as result of Chinese government’s decision to split the operating divisions of Civil Aviation Administration of China into separate airlines: Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, China Northern, China Southwest and China Northwest
    • Took over Zhongyuan Airlines in 2003
    • Acquired China Northern Airlines and China Xinjiang Airlines in 2004 making it one of top three airlines in China
    • Operated international routes from 1996 but did not become an international network-oriented airline until January 2006
    • Joined SkyTeam on November 15th, 2007 becoming first Chinese airline to join a global airline alliance
    • Honored with Five-Star Flight Safety Award by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) on July 16th, 2008 recognizing it as the airline maintaining the highest safety record in China
    • Substantial route network spanning more than 150 destinations in China and more than 40 destinations in Asia with services to Europe, America, Australia and Africa
    • A380
    • A330-300
    • A330-200
    • A321
    • A320
    • A319
    • 737
    • 757
    • 777
    • 747
    • 787

    COVID-19 Compliance (7/7)

    – COVID-19 website information and instructions
    – Social distancing on boarding
    – Flight attendant Personal Protection Equipment
    – Face masks compulsory
    – Meal service modified
    – Passenger Sanitizer Kit
    – Deep clean of aircraft

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