Wednesday, February 15, 2023
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    Product Rating 2/5

    Rating Criteria

    COVID-19 Star Rating Breakdown /7

    Rating Criteria

    • Meals, snacks and beverages available for purchase on the base ‘Nice’ fare and complimentary on the all inclusive ‘Nicer’ fares
    • No in flight entertainment, WiFi or in seat power currently however this will change with new A220 aircraft
    • Seat selection for a fee unless traveling on the ‘Nicer’ fare where an extra legroom seat is included
    • A carry on and checked baggage allowance needs to be purchased at the time of booking or prior to the flight unless you are traveling on a ‘Nicer’ fare in which case it is included
    • Breeze is an American ultra low cost carrier that first flew in April 2021
    • The airline operates between smaller airports across the USA
    • Embraer 195
    • Embraer 190
    • A220-200

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